Yak by Lois Cloarec Hart

Yak by Lois Cloarec Hart is a fantastic lesbian romance where mystery and humor are mixed perfectly to create a supernatural story that caught me since the first page until the last one.

Leni is a young woman whose love life is null and her desperation to meet the right one is equal to her desire to have a room for her own in the plagued house where she lives surrounded by noisy brothers and sisters, her parents and her aunt. Two things keep Leni sane, her friend Yvonne and her new job at Jester’s Court, one the best places in the little and boring town where she lives.

The job is fine, the pay is fair but there’s something weird in Jester’s Court, something about a strange woman who works there and with whom the staff members wouldn’t socialize even if their lives depended on it, as if there would be something wrong with her. Leni’s curiosity and incapability of staying away will confirm what everyone in town says, that she should keep distance with Aislin Fergus, better known as Yak, because Yak is more than a quiet woman who works in Jester’s Court kitchen and prefers reading to chat with her co-workers. She’s an enigma Leni’s more than willing to solve.

The story is told in Leni’s point of view, something that adds a personal touch to the plot and increases the perception of the situation. You’ll feel Leni’s interest in the elusive woman who barely talks but whose eyes tell a different story, and her frustration because nobody wants to share with her what’s really happening with Yak to treat her as a pariah.

The book has everything I needed to have a great time, humor, mystery, tension and a bit of passion. The author enthralls you with great characters that you love almost instantly because they’re fresh and funny, the enigma that wraps Yak and her unique ability to create an aura of mystery that catches you instantly. There is just one problem with Yak by Lois Cloarec Hart, that the story is so great that the book is no long enough!