Waltzing at Midnight by Robbi McCoy

Waltzing at Midnight by Robbi McCoy is so much more than a mere lesbian romance novel, it’s like taking a look into real life, and that’s why I highly recommend this fantastic book which has made me looking forward this author’s work.

The main character, and whose point of view dominates the narrative style in the book, is Jean, a forty-years-old housewife who fills her time with a volunteer job after her son and daughter are living their own lives, leaving the nest and Jean’s life empty. Jean finds herself with a hole in her life of which she wasn’t aware of, a new love that brings happiness and troubles and a decision that will change hers and her beloved ones’ lives.

Wanting to become the next governor, Rosie finds in Jean an intelligent and capable woman whose opinion and self-esteem don’t fit with the real her, something typical when a woman dedicates her life to her children and her husband, forgetting her wishes and desires.
Rosalind Monroe is a mature woman who is extremely sincere with Jean. She doesn’t say what the confused woman wants to hear in a desperate moment but the truth and the real implications of the world where Jean will get into if she accepts her love for her.

As I said, Waltzing at Midnight is so much more than a lesbian romance. Is a journey where a person who could be anyone of us has to make a decision without knowing how to do it, knowing that she can’t live her old life anymore. Is about facing the person in whom you’ve become after decades of being a mother, a wife, a daughter but not yourself and have the guts to do what you know you have to do despite the fear.

This is the main reason why I found the book so real, because who hasn’t lived a situation like this? And what do you do when you have to change your entire life, chose between being selfish or sacrifice yourself for your family’s happiness and everything without a security net nor guaranties that everything will be fine and the sacrifice that you have to do will bring the results you expect?
This book show life as it is, plagued with difficult decisions, paths that you can take or not, things that you’ll give up to have others opportunities and no promises about a happily-ever-after ending but the promise of a change.