Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart

Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart is one of those lesbian novels that put a smile on your face when you finish it because it’s, at the same time, sweet, deep and full of wonderful messages about life, love, loss and second opportunities.

This book is about a travel, Lee’s travel from a heartbreaking loss to live again when she thinks there’s nothing left for her after having lost what she loved most. That way, we meet Lee, the co-founder of DeGroot and Glenn security, when she’s devastated for Dana’s death. As anyone who has lost someone important you’ll see yourself in her and will understand her desperation, her emptiness.
One last gift from her beloved Dana makes Lee understand that she can’t go on like that, that there are a lot of people who love her and need her, that she has to keep living, honoring the huge love she shared with the fantastic woman who was taken from her so soon.

As the most important things in life, her new opportunity comes from the last person Lee would think, a spoiled brat around her thirties who’s running from her husband. Lee, moved for something beyond her, accepts the job and accompanies Britten to Donegal, where her family live and her abusive husband won’t find her. Lee will soon discover that the story Britten has told it’s not exactly what really happened between her and her husband but this is the last of Lee’s problems. In Donegal she’ll find a kind of peace she thought she had lost with Dana’s death, she’ll feel that she fits again in the world, and all that thanks to an eclectic woman who talks about young and old souls, reincarnation and signals from those who had died long ago, their way to stay in contact. A humble and wise woman who’s constructing a labyrinth and talks with the local mad man about future as if it’d be the most normal thing to do. What can a woman like Lee, who only believes in what she sees, who’s lost in her pain, do with this kind of woman? Listen, learn, heal, accept the nasty things of life and go on.

Lee is the main character but, in my opinion, Gaëlle is the light that enlightens her path, the clue for her to heal. Having suffered herself and knowing exactly what is to lose those who you love most, Gaëlle will show Lee a new world full of second chances, chances full of promises, only if she’s brave enough to face the worst of her fears again.

Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart is a fantastic story, a great surprise and exactly what I’m looking for when I pick a book because of its deep plot with characters that I understand, in whom I can see myself and whose lives I live through the pages. People full of love who walk the long path of life with hope, cherishing its gifts and suffering when one of these gifts is taken from them.
Sometimes, not very often, an excellent book like this comes to your hands and you just can enjoy it fully. I’ve read that Lois Cloarec Hart isn’t a prolific author but if her others books are like this one, it’s worth waiting.