The Virgin Madam by Shiloh Saddler

The Virgin Madam by Shiloh Saddler is a short lesbian romance where you will travel to the Wild West to find love, adventure and a steamy relationship between a woman who’s more than willing to escape from her life and a rogue that will rescue her from her destiny.

Laura Rutherford hasn’t, by far, the life she wants or deserves. After losing her mother when she was just a kid, she had to get used to live and work in a brothel because her father decided it was a good business after moving to California running from his lost and pain. Surrounded by prostitutes and men who’d treat their cattle better than a woman, she wants to leave this life and Bitterroot Flats behind.
The lost of her father will make this impossible and Laura thinks she’s condemned to the life she hates so much until a strange man comes to Honey Ranch looking for a room because he’s hiding from the Fletcher Gang, a group of outlaws that represent the law – on their terms – in the little and dusty town.

Joe is anything but a man. She’s not only a woman with a mission, killing Ash from the Fletcher Gang, she is the promise of a better future to Laura. Willing to safe Bitterroot Flats from its nasty inhabitants, Joe not only frees the town from the outlaws but will bring love and a new opportunity for the young girl who thought she would rot in her miserable life.

With a great pacing, sexy times and the always present action, Shiloh Saddler delights us with a story set in a lost town in California where nothing grows but problems – quoting Laura. Not having a lot of western books in the genre, this one is a fantastic option to travel in time and enjoy the great journey of a young woman looking for happiness and a brave one that is willing to save her and offer what she desires the most, love.
The only “but” for me is that, being a reader that loves to witness the character’s development, being this one a short story there wasn’t enough pages to do it. Hopefully, I’m not wrong and the story will continue with Eleanor. Looking forward to know more about these brave women!