The Rainey Season by R.E. Bradshaw

The Rainey Season by R.E. Bradshaw is the third book on the Rainey Bell’ Series and a great choice if you’re looking for a lesbian novel where thriller and suspense are constant, a crude story about the worst sadistic, humans, with a hint of romance.

If you’ve read the first and second book of this wonderful series, something I highly recommend, you’ll find a big difference with the other books and is that, if in Rainey Days and Rainey Nights there was a perfect mix between thriller and romance, completely intertwined, in Rainey Season you won’t find that, making this book a suspense one where there happen to be a lesbian couple, Rainey and Katie, and their beautiful triplets.

The book is mainly based on Rainey, as the others, but in this one Rainey is the centre of a storm that threatens the wonderful life she has with Katie, making the permanent fear of losing it more real. She has to deal with keeping her family safe while Mackie has been hurt and Cookie Kutter is working extra hours to show Agent Sexy’s life. Meanwhile, she is suspected of murder one of the boys who works with her and organize the death of an old enemy; and if it’s not enough, a sadist rapist sends his work to her, the bizarre habit of torturing young women until they give up and he kills them.

Another interesting change from other books, and R.E. Bradshaw has surprised me with this kind of touches among her books, is that, if in the first book the assassin was a characters himself and in the second book we had a direct glimpse of the disturbed master and his apprentice, in Rainey Season we’ll live through Bladen’s agony, the more recent victim of a man that will make your stomach stir.

Rainey Season is a crude book, not for sensitive people who are looking for a light story. It makes you live the reality of a sadist’s victim, the darker of the three books that constitutes the Rainey Bell series and the reason why I’ll keep reading R.E. Bradshaw’s work, because she has the ability of impress me even when I thought I’d read about everything and nothing could surprises me anymore. I won’t lie to you, sometimes I wanted to put it down and look for something less gaunt, but the story worth it and I couldn’t just leave it until the good ones won. Or that’s what the author makes you think until the last scene, which, I hope, is the promise of a new book in the series or maybe the proof that Rainey is right about her fears.