The Potion by R.G. Emanuelle

In the mood of an historical romance between two very different women and a mystery that will keep you turning pages like a maniac until you discover the whole truth? Then you must read The Potion by R.G. Emanuelle. Lesbian fiction plus mystery and great chemistry equal to reading the book in one day!

Vera felt trapped in her marriage with James Kennedy and even if she didn’t hated her husband, she doesn’t suffer from his sudden depart. Vera loves women, has always done and has never stopped enjoying ladies but what she craves more than anything is freedom, the kind of freedom a man has and takes for granted. She has spent years helping her husband with his experiments and is ready to follow his work with tiny changes that will give her everything she wants. Vera is a woman of a new era, she is not willing to live under men’s rules anymore so her new situation as a widow is not shocking nor distasteful for her. Now she is free, captain of her own destiny and on a mission. What she doesn’t want or need is the grey and thin woman that comes to her door asking her for help.
Georgette Harris was happily married – as happily as a woman could be in 1892 – until her husband Roland Harris dies abruptly after a weird disease. Apart from mourning the sudden tragedy, she finds out that their financial situation is a disaster, the house is almost falling on her head and she can barely feed herself and the loyal governess that has stayed with her even if she is not able to pay her. There is just one solution for Georgette and it comes from a medicinal company that is willing to pay for his husband research, the one he did with James Kennedy before his dead. Now she just has to convince the eccentric Vera Kennedy that not only their husbands worked together but that she is entitled to their investigation. After Roland’s death Georgette has nothing but debts and worries and the possibility to change that is what brings the lonely widow to Vera Kennedy’s door.

R.G. Emanuelle has mixed so very nicely the exact amount of mystery, romance and spark between the characters to create a potion that works beautifully. Vera and Georgette are perfectly balanced and help each other to grow, to be able to see what is important in life and how dead can bring new beginnings. Where Vera is obsessed about finding the perfect combination of ingredients to get the potion to work even willing to risk her own safety and well being, Georgette knows the price such a quest entails and is not willing to lose another special person for her due to some miraculous discovery. On the other hand, in her quest to find solutions to her problems, Georgette sets herself a new path in life and allows a freer version of herself to born and grow, like a flower blooming to show her true potential and that’s simply delightful to see. Don’t miss these superb women and their adventure!

*Received an ARC edition in exchange for an honest review*