The Intersection of Love and Desire by J.M. Redmann (Micky Knight Series 03)

In The Intersection of Love and Desire, a fantastic lesbian romance novel that I highly recommend, J.M. Redmann mixes present and past to obtain the darker book among the three I have read until now. If in Death by the Riverside and Deaths of Jocasta we had a glimpse of Micky’s problems and memories but they didn’t affect her life, not so deep, at least. When you’d think that she’d be happy because Cordelia is not running away from her anymore, the worst of her devils come back with full force.

It’s simply fantastic the way Redmann show us how the past can reach you and destroy everything at its path. Because that’s exactly the main plot in this book. I thought I’d read about happiness, love and Micky struggling and learning to live with a woman who loves her and accepts her, but I couldn’t be more wrong because in the very moment that Cordelia tries to get to her, Micky’s old habits appears and that cynical brain of her make her take distance. It’s simply delightful to see her fighting with all her accumulated rage against the wrong person and five minutes later be sorry about everything she said or didn’t.

I have to confess that page after page I was really scared about her capacity of destroying bonds and there was a moment that I didn’t want to keep reading, somewhat furious at her because what she was doing. I think it’s difficult for me, a romantic moron, understand that the endings can’t be always based on happiness, love and a house in the suburbs with a white fence. But then, Redmann excellent ability to explain her characters’s nature appeared and I got caught again, looking for the happily-ever-after ending, and I got… sort of.