The Girl with the Treasure Chest and The Thirsty Stranger by V.A. Fearon (Dani Series 1 & 2)

I was looking for something different when The Girl with the Treasure Chest and its sequel The Thirsty Stranger by V.A. Fearon came to me and I couldn’t enjoy the story more. Ready for a different kind of knight in a shinning armor and the most crazy lesbian romance you have ever read? Join me in this amazing trip!

By day Dani has a modest business she runs with the help of her best friend Sonny but by night the two friends work ending disputes between London’s gangs before they spiral out of control. Everything is quite perfect in Dani’s life until Susanna is back and brings a new lover with her. Dani is in a realtionship with Marie at the moment but, as has happened in the past, nobody can interfere between the two lovers who have been together – without really being together – for more than a decade. Little Dani knows that her life will come upside down when Carly, Suse’s new girl, is not willing to give up on her girlfriend because of Dani’s advances and Susanne’s innability to say no to her.

When I think about Dani and what makes her so different from other characters I have read about that “share” her qualities is that where other main characters were rogue but balanced, Dani is not. She is jealous, capable of doing anything to protect what she thinks is hers. She is full of anger, fear and love. She acts listening to her guts, her instinct rather than her brain.
Sordid. Dark. Enthralling. Sweet and sour, Dani is as imperfect as any person you might know and that makes her someone you care about. Sometimes you agree with what she does, sometimes you want to slap her and tell her to think before acting and be an adult who faces her fears.
The story is sexy, violent, raw and crude… a crazy roller coaster and I loved it. Talking about imperfect characters, where Susanna has/had an addiction with drugs, Dani’s addiction is the woman she can’t forget even if they have been on and off and almost torturing each other for years, tumultuous years where both have been unable to forget the obsessive relationship they can’t run from.
The most appealing element in this story is Dani’s nature and her inability to stop that wild part of her that won’t hesitate when one of her people is involved in the mess. Dani is simply unstoppable and even if she is usually calm and wise when it comes to her soldiers, all of it flies through the window when her woman is in danger or she might lose her because of her own actions.

In conclusion, a great series you should give a try because you won’t be able to stop loving the characters even when you want to kick their butts. At moments you just want for Dani and Susanna to break up and yet you want them together because in a twisted way they are meant to be… if only Dani would be able to accept Susanna’s problem and Susanna would finally accept that she doesn’t want a domesticated Dani.
So looking forward the next books in this series!