The Fiche Room by Suzie Carr

I’ve read excellent reviews about Suzie Carr’s work so I decided to give it a try and I found in The Fiche Room a deep, romantic and brilliant lesbian romance novel and it was worth the day I needed to read it. Plus, this fantastic story fits perfectly in this moment of my life so it was like a guide, a wink from destiny.

The main character is Emma and the whole story is about her. Because you need an entire book to change someone’s life! My first thought about Emma was that she’s trapped and wasn’t able to shout and stop the madness around her, but then I discovered that she didn’t want to be free because is scary being by yourself in a world full of “what you have to do” and “what you have to be”. The story reminds me an article written by the author about the path you follow because you have to and the path you’d follow if you could, and how there is a moment in your life that you understand that there’s only one path to walk, yours, forgetting what you are supposed to be and do.

Emma is a good person who tries to make happy people around her not minding about her own joy, but she’s a lucky girl too because she met a sweet and noble woman, Haley, who is going to show her everything she’s missing without imposing herself on her as almost every person in Emma’s life does. Hayley does something invaluable for her, and is let her choose, willing to disappear if Emma want’s it. What Emma wants is having everything, love, success and admiration from her beloved ones, but she, like most of human beings, soon discovers that she can’t just have everything she wants, that she has to choose and cope with the bad things that come with our decision.

A fantastic book but, and there’s always a but (wink), I missed more scenes about Hayley and Emma’s life together. I understand that Suzie focused on Emma but I really wanted to read about they as a couple at last. And about the moment when Emma finally told her father about her real life, not the one he wanted for her.