The Dragon Tree Legacy by Ali Vali

If there’s something I love about Ali Vali is that she doesn’t offer the usual lesbian romance novel story where everyone are saints and nobody get even a traffic ticket, and that’s what you’ll find in The Dragon Tree Legacy and Casey’s series.

And, because of that, comes the question. What’d you do if you suddenly discover that your lover, the love of your life, is a mobster or a killing machine? Would you run screaming or you’d become Cornleone’s wife? Well, if you have asked yourself these questions, take a look at Ali Vali’s books.

Let’s focus on The Dragon Tree Legacy, where we’ll meet Aubrey and Wiley, partners until the moment that Wiley discovers that her love for the woman and her career are not compatible so she took a decision with a promise, if Aubrey needs her, she’ll be there to help her. And that’s exactly what happens.

To make the long story short, I have to say that it wasn’t what I was expecting because, first they’re apart and suddenly they’re not, Wiley was so sure about her decision and then she’s not and Aubrey has made her life with another woman but she never loved her. Too easy for me. And there’s another detail, the story itself. You’ll find common characters with the Devil Series but the book sometimes is more about mobster, corruption and drugs and less about Wiley and Aubrey.

Honestly, I thought that I’d find a story of forgiveness and love but those parts passed so quickly to just focus in what Wiley did for a living.