The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer

The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer is one of the best lesbian novels that I’ve ever read and that’s why I highly recommend this fantastic story where mythology and love intertwined beautifully to refresh a not so beautiful tale.

If you enjoy mythology and love reading about gods and goddesses, selfish, perfect, gorgeous beings who live forever and play with the poor mortals as if they were part of their playground, you’ll enjoy this wonderful book.
Sarah Diemer rewrites the story of Persephone and Hades adding a magic touch, a moving romance and a new interpretation of the gods we’ve read so much about.

The official story tells that Persephone was kidnapped and raped by the Underworld’s God but, what happen when the king of the dead is a queen and she isn’t as frivolous and evil as they want to make us believe? What happen when the good ones turn to be bad, when their cruelty and boredom make them commit unthinkable crimes?
Add this more than interesting twist of the story to Persephone’s ordeal and you’ll have an captivating story that will catch you from the beginning until the end, full of the magic of mythology and the unique touch of this fantastic author.

Because of Persephone is travelling a difficult and so human path you’ll empathize with her; she’s not the perfect goddess who hasn’t problems, doubts and fears. She suffers for love, has to takes impossible decisions and face her fears, to be what she wants to be, more than Demeter’s daughter, more than Zeus’s victim, so much more than a mere goddess, but the queen of the Underworld even if that’s not what she’s looking for. And, above all, free.

Sarah Diemer has a wonderful way of writing that made me live Persephone’s pain, her need to make a decision which would change her destiny, made me breathe the distinctive odor of earth, feel the darkness of the Underworld, walk among dead and submerge my hands on the Styx. And these are only a few reasons why I’ll read more of her work.