The Dance by Suzie Carr

Ready for a lesbian romance that will touch your heart so deeply that you will want to cry and laugh at the same time? Give “The Dance” by Suzie Carr the opportunity to make you fall in love with it, with its characters, complex situations and secrets that make the characters learn and grow, sometimes in the more difficult way.

Jackie lives a happy life with Drew, her wife, and Sophie, their daughter and what she calls her Inner Circle, where her beloved friends Marie and Hazel keep her feet on the ground and her crankiness at limit. She loves her job as a dog trainer and is more than happy with life itself until a fight and an accident shatters her life and turns it into pieces. Suddenly everything she knew and loved is taken from her and the only way she can cope is fighting day by day with herself and the guilt she feels about her last words to one of the most important persons in her life just before she disappeared forever.

The close relationship she had with her daughter is destroyed, as are her peace and existence as she knew it. She is literally an empty carcass walking and nobody has been able to push her to live again, guilt and pain consuming her every waking hour. There is when a woman with a very urgent problem appears in her life and threaten the painful routine Jackie’s life has become. Brooke, with her beautiful smile, her open attitude and limitless wisdom about life, breaks into the dog trainer’s routine and becomes the only link between her and the elusive Sophie, a teenager who hides in her room because, as her mother, is consumed by pain, sorrow and fear.

Brooke, being a beekeeper and having spent years learning from the most honest and dedicated beings, her bees, has learnt over experience how to read people through her loved bees, who are full of wisdom, and she will put everything she knows to try to help mother and daughter, who seem completely lost after losing whom was the queen in their beehive, the reason they were together and the person who kept everything in order, or at least that’s what they thought.

The story caught me from the very beginning and the beautiful characters, so real and deep and vulnerable, made me fall in love with the book and read page after page avidly because I was so involved with them that I wanted them to be happy as you wish happiness to a close friend. The plot is down to earth, real, moving and touching, inviting because it’s about human beings, real situations, emotions, feelings, misunderstandings, mistakes and conflicts and how we deal – or not – with them, how we cope with what happens to us the best way we can and how we learn through those painful processes and situations that form life itself. My experience with Suzie’s work has had always a common effect, it’s like a roller coaster full of emotions and heartbreaking moments where I feel deeply what’s happening with the characters, where I feel their pain and their happiness and all those feelings that are consuming them. Is not easy to achieve that, not all the stories or characters get to us that way, leaving a warm feeling in our chest, but Suzie Carr does it beautifully, introducing an interesting plot and vivid characters who feel real and alive, making you connect with the story from the very beginning because the people that is shown there is as imperfect and as human as you and I.

Sweet, moving, deep and beautiful story, a must read. Thank you Suzie for sharing this book with us.