The Curvy Side of Life by Suzie Carr

Everything in Faith’s life is wrong. Her marriage is over – not that she misses Stuart, her ex-husband, for whom she never felt any kind of passion -. Her daughter is traumatized by it – or that Faith thinks-. She lost her job and needs money for repairing her house, money she doesn’t have, and to feed her daughter and herself so they won’t starve to death – Faith really thinks they can come to that point-. The fact that her ex-husband is with a beautiful and younger woman doesn’t improve things. She feels old, ugly, useless and a total loser.
That’s why when her sister Danielle calls her inviting her to come to visit to Rhode Island for a summer holiday full of fun, she accepts. She knows there a lot of things she has to deal with but, thinking in her daughter and how they both need a break, she gives in.
She can’t even imagine what is waiting for her. Zumba classes, a crazy bunch of women who reunite each morning to tell each other about their dreams and its meaning and passion, the kind that makes your feet curl and feel like a giddy teenager all over again. And love, of course, sexy and full-of-passion love thanks to an enigmatic woman called Candance.

But Faith journey is deeper than all that because she has to believe she deserves good things to happen, she has to learn to look for the bright side of things and stop her brain from going to the bad things every time something happens. That’s the clue to Faith to find happiness and the incredible message this book brings to anyone, like Faith or myself, who tend to focus all their energy looking for something that is wrong. Crazy, if we use that amount of energy, we sure will find messy things because we are looking for them. But, what would happen if instead on focusing in all the calamities that can happen to us, we look forward the new and good things that can come our way? Everything in life is about daring, believing in yourself and be able to see further, always trusting in you and never giving up.

This book comes to me in the best moment and I can’t stop thinking it was meant to be the same way Faith had to face her demons and take a leap of faith – no pun intended – when everything seemed lost. The Curvy Side of Life is full of beautiful messages but one of them remained, that everything that happens in your life has a good side, a good consequence and it depends on you if you want to see the glass half empty or half full. I, being a pessimistic, am deeply grateful for these of words.
Suzie Carr, your books touch my very soul because it’s obvious that you pour yours in every word you write, making incredible characters that feel real, people who struggle, whose lives are not perfect and for whom magic happens because they make it happen.

An afterthought…. I want to be neighbors with Lucia, Martina and Danielle 😉

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.