The Best Defense by Carsen Taite

The Best Defense by Carsen Taite is for those who love an intricate plot full of mystery and danger mixed with a love story, where complex characters are afraid of falling in love because their life experiences.

The main characters, Skye and Aimee, couldn’t be more different, not only because Skye has lost her job as a detective and has nothing left but the prospect of an empty future and Aimee, on the other side, has almost everything she wants. The only thing missing in her life is love, something Skye isn’t interested on.

Skye believes, above all, in justice, and is determined to make the bad ones pay even if it’s necessary to do certain not so legal things. This brings devastating consequences which will change her life completely, destroying the love of her life and the only thing that makes her happy, her job. After losing it all, she’s completely lost, trying to drown her desperation in alcohol and women. That’s how she meets Aimee.

Aimee is a successful realtor who fights with all her strength to be as different as possible from her snob family who only cares about money and appearances. Her mother always criticizes how she dresses, not enough haute couture in her wardrobe, or how she lives her life, lesbianism will never be accepted on their social circle. Her father, on the other hand, won’t forgive her for not following his steps and stay by his side on the family business. In addition to this, her choices about lovers demonstrate that she hasn’t made good decisions in that aspect either. So when Aimee, lonely and craving for love, notes a woman watching her from the bar on her birthday party, she throws herself without thinking, looking for a moment of oblivion and fun.

But their relationship will be deeper than that when Aimee’s niece suddenly disappears and the FBI knocks at Aimee’s door, not gently, looking for the young girl. Aimee will use all her power, which is based on her fortune, to find her niece and that implies a former detective, a harsh rogue that the last thing she wants is to fraternize with a rich spoiled brat with a perfect life.

When I look for a lesbian novel where love is not necessarily the focus of the story, but it’s represented by strong characters, mature and intelligent women, Carsen Taite’s books are the answer. The relationship between Aimee and Skye is about tension, sexual tension because they feel attracted to each other; and professional tension because Skye feels that her future depends on the results of her services for Aimee’s lawyers while Aimee is trying to get close to the elusive woman. Their romance doesn’t blossom until the end, but the journey to get there is highly interesting because is full of twists and questions.