Taming the Wolff by Del Robertson

Taming the Wolff by Del Robertson isn’t just another pirates book, is the first published book of the author and a fantastic lesbian romance novel full of adventures, exciting action and, of course, love. Is, in conclusion, a promise that we will have excellent books from this not so rookie writer.

Del Robertson presents two main characters, Kris, the pirate captain, the savage wolf, and Alexis DeVale, a lady who travels to marry a man she doesn’t know. You would think that Alexis is a submissive woman because of her upbringing but it’d be a mistake, and that gives a spark to the story that I enjoyed during the entire book.

One of the things that I liked the most about the book is that Alexis doesn’t accept her destiny and gives up. No, she fights against whoever to get what she wants. First against her captor, Kris, to get freedom for her and her relatives, trying to gain The Wolff’s favors seducing her. Then, when she simply accepts that there is no fight against her feelings, she fight to get what she wants, the words she wants to listen from her pirate captain, and she is capable of throwing herself to the enemy if she doesn’t get what she wants.

On the other side is Kris, who just wanted a ransom for the ladies and keep travelling with her crew, who of course don’t know that her captain is a she and not a he. When she met the lady DeVale, her plans of gold and glory disappear and suddenly she has to face a feisty woman who won’t hesitate to ask for what she desires, a prince looking for his betrothed and a captain of Her Majesty Royal Navy, who wants to hide that he was defeated by a woman.

As you see, the perfect cocktail of characters, action and love (with hot scenes included) that will have you stick to the book until you finish it.