Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre

Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre is a sexy lesbian romance that tells us about the consequences that violence and a broken heart have in a woman who changes radically to protect herself, evolving into a new person that nobody, even her, recognize anymore.

Olivia is a successful attorney whose life is perfect, at least at first sight. She has power, money, a beautiful daughter and anything she wants… but the woman she’s fallen in love and who left without saying a word to the control-freak lawyer.
Micah, young, full of energy and plans, starts working for Olivia and soon develops feelings for the sophisticated lady who terrorize interns with her icy eyes and her resolute voice. Little by little, Micah finds the courage to share her feelings with Olivia but nothing goes the way she expected and she finds just one way out of an impossible situation: running away and never look back.
But destiny, or someone else, has plans for these two women as different as ice and fire and an unexpected encounter will rekindle the embers and force them to face the reality of what could have been a beautiful love’s story.

One of the best things about the book is that everything makes you think the story is about Olivia and the reasons that made Micah go away when they worked together. Knowing how Olivia is and the important differences between them, I read the first pages thinking that the plot’s development would be focused on the uptight woman who has more money than she can spend and more power than she needs, but doesn’t have love in her life nor the ability of keeping what she desires the most. This assumption, as you will check after reading the book, soon evaporates giving space to the true plot that is centered almost completely in Micah and the path she’s made to be the woman she’s when she and Olivia get to meet again in different circumstances.
The new Micah is dark, secretive and suspicious. She drives herself as a wild animal that’s always ready to strike back, always waiting for someone that will try to hurt her. That’s why she keeps to herself and is in permanent control of her needs; and that’s exactly the reason why she’s not ready to let Olivia back in her life knowing that the woman won’t settle for anything less that the entire Micah and all her secrets.
The story moves quickly at the beginning and the process where Micah and Olivia got to fall for each other happened in the past so the book starts right in the center of the hurricane, when these two meet again after a year of not knowing from each other. This way, Rhavensfyre focuses in telling you how they got to this point and the development from there.
The only thing missing for me was that I wanted to see more about Olivia. As I said, the story is mainly about the changes Micah has made to readjust to her new life after living horrible experiences that took everything from her, but we don’t get to know much about the cold and uptight woman. She adapts perfectly to Micah, surprising the younger woman, and I’d like to have seen more struggles from her.

In conclusion, Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre is a roller coaster of feelings, vulnerabilities and desire that you don’t have to miss!