Spring Tide by Robbi McCoy

If there’s a way to define Robbi McCoy’s work it’d be sweet, deep and moving, and that’s why I highly recommend you to give her lesbian novels a try. It’s Spring Tide’s turn.

Jackie and Stef’s story isn’t an exception because Robbi McCoy tells us a sweet story about two women completely different whose paths crossed because one of them was running from her life and the other has the tendency of rescuing beings in distress, animals or humans, it doesn’t matter.

Jackie is a veterinarian whose life in a little town, surrounded by her family, has made her a sweet and empathetic woman full of life and joy. Looking for her better half, she’s always optimistic and firmly believes that she can help anyone.
Jackie can’t resist an animal in trouble and when it’s not a four-leg friend but a human, she’s restless, and that’s the way she and Stef met each other and began a relationship, because Jackie won’t give up even though the human or animal being isn’t interested in being helped.

Stef is just the opposite. Having lived a traumatic incident as a cop, she tries to hide and forget at this little town where everybody seems to know each other and everybody’s business. Surprised with the candid people and the joyful veterinarian, she’ll have to decide whether she lets her memories in the past and live her new life full of promises or avoids hurting someone else with her darkness.

A fantastic book with a sweet but sudden love story, full of humorous characters that make you live Stillwater Bay’s magic, visiting the town on Crawdads day just to get the last gossip from Ida or a piece of her jerky, or a glance at Gail and her costume that seems like a lobster instead of a crawdad. I haven’t found a lot of authors that write so vividly and that’s why Robbi McCoy is becoming one of my favorites.