Something So Grand by Lynn Galli

If there’s something special about Lynn Galli is her ability to writer love scenes and awesome lesbian romance novels as Blessed Twice, but I didn’t find that magic in Something So Grand.

It’s not a bad book but it wasn’t a memorable one for my neither. The plot is simple, without spark, at least for my it was that way. There was nothing that caught me; two friendly characters that you want to get to know better but you lose interest when nothing special happen and you read page after page of daily situations that seem to go nowhere.

Maybe the problem was the rhythm of the book, or the lack of it.
They spend almost all the story knowing each other, giving baby steps into a relationship and I got bored soon. Moreover, Natalie was extremely perfect . She just doesn’t do anything wrong and it made her just unbelievable for me. I think that imperfections and mistakes make a good book because it catches your interest about the characters and how they cope with their sentimental baggage and problems. But when characters are so perfect, I wasn’t able to see myself on them.