Second to None by L.T. Marie

Second to None by L.T. Marie is a book about lost and how each person deals with it differently but with the same purpose, protect themselves from a void in their hearts and the feeling of being alone in a world full of pain.

Brady is a physical therapist dealing with two jobs, one she loves and the other one that pays the bills, and an increasing list of one-night lovers that keeps her afar from the loneliness that she feels because of the lost of her family. She’s happy with her life as it is, and doesn’t need anything else than her job and a willing woman to keep the ghosts at bay and her bed warm.
Sky is a custom motorcycle designer whose love for speed and the rush only a motorbike can give her is the only thing she needs to be happy. After losing her grandfather, the only family she’s met after being abandoned by their parents, Sky doesn’t trust in anybody but the staff that is like her family and the happiness that a roaring engine can offer.
Both women are running from their past, repeating themselves that they don’t need anybody in their lives to be happy because having someone is opening themselves to the possibility of losing someone and neither of them is willing to suffer again.

Brady and Sky deal with their feelings in different ways so, while Brady believes that everything will be alright while she doesn’t let anybody get in her heart, Sky thinks that being alone and controlling who comes in and out is the only way of not being abandoned. Brady focuses on one-night stands so she won’t get immerse in a relationship where she could lose control over her feelings; Sky doesn’t want to have anybody gets too near to her so, this way, when they go, as they always do, she won’t feel the lost.
Two women too immersed in their lives to notice that destiny has other plans for them. Just one meeting, one look at each other will suffice to change everything in their lives. The spark that will ignite between them after meeting will only increase until becoming a fire that neither of them can stop from developing, and that will force these women to face their greater fears and insecurities because not having someone is easier but, does it worth being alone when you found that special person that fills up your life?

Second to None by L.T. Marie is the perfect book for those who love to read about messed up characters looking for their happy ending even if they are too stubborn to realize that none happiness come without a risk. The message, as the attraction between them, is clear: you can try to hide and avoid pain but you’ll be sacrificing happy moments because you’re too afraid of the sad ones. They need love as they need to feel that they belong to someone, to something. The path to learn that won’t be an easy one but nothing good comes easily.