Rainey Nights by R.E. Bradshaw

In Rainey Nights, the second book of Rainey Bell Series by R.E. Bradshaw, you’ll learn that the problem of being a good FBI agent is that you gain a lot of enemies. Just when Rainey thinks her life is in order, she’s happy with Katie and thinking about to be a parent, a monster from her past appears claiming vengeance.

I like the way the author introduces us the assassin in this book, is more graphical, telling you the story as a part of the book and not having the characters talking about it, is more vivid and you understand all the details for your own.

Other aspect that I really enjoyed is how the relationship between Katie and Rainey evolves. There are doubts and comments from people Rainey loves that make her think about the same things that I, as a reader, thought about. Is like you’re talking to her through Ernie or Mackie, something that rarely happens in a thriller book, where almost all your doubts or question are answered in the plot development but not this way, so directly.

Another interesting plot is developed in the book and it is something I’ve always questioned myself; what kind of safety can a cop or a detective have if they’re the revenge focus of almost every crazy person they put in jail? Well, Rainey seems to have the answer and it’s not one Katie’s going to like, because no one would like to know that there is just one way to feel safe, by guns and protection.

It’s funny to read that the author doesn’t considerate these books as a romance novel because its plot is a perfect mixture between bad guys, good guys and romantic relationships, the reason why this series is one of my favorites because the combination of these elements make a solid and interesting story.
In conclusion, looking forward the third and last part!