Rainey Days by R.E. Bradshaw

Rainey Days by R.E. Bradshaw is what you’re looking for if you want to read about an FBI agent who has suffered a serial killer’s depravity on her own skin, something atypical in thrillers because the big bad agent rarely suffers on her own skin the skills of the crazy man behind his victims. And maybe it’s the first thing that surprised me about the book, plus the interesting name of the main character (wink).

But no only her name or what she suffered is a surprise, there’s a fundamental detail in this book that will keep you tied to it until its finished, and is that there are three main characters and for the first time the bad guy is one of them.

Rainey Bell is an FBI agent on leave because of a tragic situation that let her incapable of keep working for the Bureu. Taking over from his father business, she accepts a special job, catch the stalker of a former friend’s wife.

Katie is married to a successful lawyer who wants to be senator, her life is perfect and idyllic until the moment someone feels an immense interest on her, following her on her daily activities and sending weird messages and photos attached to her husband.

As you can deduce, the last character of interest is the serial killer himself, but I won’t talk about him because an important part of story is to know who he is and why he does what he does.

R.E Bradshaw presents us a new kind of super hero. Not only she has a name which you won’t forget, Rainey Bell has two problems to face in the first book of this fantastic series. She has to fight against the growing attraction she feels for Katherine Winston meanwhile a monster of her recent past sticks his ugly head. The fact that the constant tension is a catalyst for the two women to fall in love is something that could convince you or not but it worked for me.

It’s not a typical lesbian thriller because the agent not only fights against assassins but her own criminal. She’s not a lesbian neither, something new among this kind of books where the big bad – and sometimes butch – detective falls in love with the sweet lady in distress.