Pitifully Ugly by Robin Alexander

Pitifully Ugly by Robin Alexander was not what I expected, but it doesn’t mean that it was a bad lesbian romance novel. It’s a sweet book, mostly at the end, with great characters who will make you laugh all the time; at least that was my experience.

The main character, Shannon, it’s, in my opinion, the true reflection of a bunch of us. She’s insecurities about herself and how she looks, and is giving up with love. She felt bad about her look, her incapability to talk in the right moment and the blind dates her sister Kalen organize for her. And then Hailey, the perfect blond with secrets, appears.

I’m not gonna give details about the book, you should read it if you’re interested, but I wanted to say that, in my opinion, their relationship was flat. First they met and there is a spark, then some problems surface and suddenly everything is perfect. For me, it was too quick that lost interest. First Hailey and Shannon aren’t sure about the relationship and then, by magic, they’re together. Presto! A miracle.

If I’ve to stand out something, it’ll be the funny moments (the book is full of those); and if I’ve to choose a part, it’d be the last one.

In conclusion, the book didn’t make beg for more pages but it was a good entertainment while I was on bed with the flu.