Petra’s Canvas by Ann Roberts

Petra’s Canvas by Ann Roberts is one of those lesbian romance novels where you don’t know exactly what you’ll find until you finish the book. And what I found was a great story, deep and moving where even the title of the book is perfect.

The book begins, more or less, with a wedding but it’s the only thing the beginning and ending of it have in common. Ann Roberts tells the story of a woman whose life, in appearance, is perfect. She has money, a job she loves, a wonderful son and any woman she wants in her bed. But Dani O’Grady has so much more than that, as many scars as tattoos in her skin, that make her incapable of enjoying what she has and know who she really is.

You’ll discover in Petra’s canvas the journey of a woman who is fighting to convince herself that everything is perfect; that her past, her non-existent relationship with their parents and the hole that her last true lover, Petra, left don’t determine who she is and the life she lives. And that’s right with you until you know who, and not what, is Petra’s canvas.

This book is a journey, as I said, of a woman who suddenly discovers that she has a sister, that her father had a second life, a happier one that he lived with her and her mother, and that she’s been the victim of a egocentric artist whose idea of love was to posses, and Dani, who is and was so hungry of love, gave everything to keep her at her side, even if she didn’t wanted to.

This book has the mark of Ann Roberts and her ability to develop a main character with deep problems, the number of psychologist is a proof for itself, who first has to find herself to let the love enter her life and this is what I enjoyed the most, that Dani doesn’t need a Portuguese woman in a shining armor to save her. She’ll save herself first and then she will open to live the fantastic life is waiting for her, surrounded by her old loves and new ones.