Paper Love by Jae

Paper Love by Jae is what I’d call a sofa-and-blanket kind of book. A sweet, endearing and uncomplicated love story which is ideal when you are looking for a lesbian romance without excessive drama, perfect in its simplicity and sweetness. So if I have to describe the story in one word it would be fantastically cute (okay,maybe two words there).

Susanne is not looking for a girlfriend and she won’t stay in Freiburg for long so her main objective is complete a task: saving her uncle’s small shop and fly. She likes facts and numbers because she knows she can trust them, not like her immature father who has caused trouble to her mother since before their divorce. Being compared to a man that has never been reliable is a huge weight on her shoulders and Susanne is determined to prove her mother and herself that she’s not like him at all, that’s why her approach to her uncle’s business is cold and detached.
Anja, on her part, is not looking for love either but couldn’t be more different than Susanne. She approaches everything in her life with love and doesn’t care about money, numbers or luxuries. She lives a simple life surrounded by love and doing what she loves, working in a stationary shop where she can share her passion about it.
When the cold and distant niece of Nobby – her boss and friend – arrives to save them from a situation Anja didn’t know about, her world changes drastically. In order to save Paper Love they will have to learn to work together and while doing so they will discover that opposites attract.

You can feel Jae’s love for Freiburg and it shows in every description and moment the characters live in the city, making it a third character. It’s great surprise that the story is taking place in a country that is not USA and it’s a fantastic way of traveling without moving from home. Germany has always being on my to-go list and now Freiburg, thanks to Jae, will be there too. Add great sencondary characters whose love story it’s a perfect complement to the main romance and you have the perfect recipe for a great read.
Again, cute is the word to describe this book, sweet in a lot of ways, gentle in how Jae tells Susanne and Anja’s story. Neither Susanne nor Anja have a troubled past or scars from what they have lived, they don’t come to the relationship as conflicted people who have to go through a secret trauma, they are just two women that find love in the most unexpected person and place.

If I have pick one character it would be undoubtedly Anja. She is like clear water, fresh, unassuming, sensitive and sensible, shy and daring at the same time, and above all brave. And Paper Love by Jae is exactly like her, endearing and lovable.

*Received an ARC edition in exchange for an honest review*