No Glass Between Them by Eva Lefoy

No Glass Between Them by Eva Lefoy is a short erotica lesbian novel that caught me even if I’m used to long stories where the plot is developed little by little, something that made me want a sequel.

There are two characters but for me Alyce is the center of the story. She’s someone with whom I felt total sympathy because she’s an closeted accountant that lives a “normal” life every day, every hour, and only lets herself be her true self a couple of minutes just one day, at a striptease club when she’s watching Contessa dancing in front of her and with a glass between them. There Alyce doesn’t hide behind a job or what she is suppose to be, she’s free and lives her dream about being with a beautiful woman, being a lesbian and living her sexuality as something normal too.

The only “problem” for me was that everything was extremely simple at the end of the story. I felt engulfed for Alyce’s situation, how and why she denied herself the opportunity to live how she wanted and the loneliness that seems to be her perpetual company… and then Alyce’s dreamed woman serves herself on a silver platter and you jump to the happily-ever-after part quite fast, although I understand that there can’t be a big conflict in a short story and that’s why I finished this one wanting more.

Eva Lefoy is capable of tell a story in a dozen of pages and develop a believable and deep character, with frustrations and facets, with secrets, insecurities and fears, something that some authors can’t even in a whole book. And that’s why I’m looking forward reading more of her and more about the Sturdy Accountant series.