Night Hunt by L.L. Raand

We left Blood Hunt by L.L. Raand, a fantastic sobrenatural lesbian novel, with the promise of a war and new experiments from Veronica focused on pregnant women, as Drake for example, so is more than interesting where Night Hunt is going to go.

About the main couple, if there’s a main couple besides Sylvan and Drake, L.L. Raand focuses on Niki and her relationship with Sophia, which hasn’t been developed in previous books although the author lets us see that there was something going on between this two.

If Niki was lost and jealous in her role as Imperator after Sylvan matted with Drake and then we feared that she was totally under bloodlust, now her desire for the young doctor is out of control, which brings interesting scenes when Niki just can’t stand someone touching the woman.

It has been difficult for me to understand Niki (and maybe the rest of the pack) because I’m used to read about the kind of matting that don’t include having sex with other people (as you can see in JR Ward’s Brotherhood) and neither feel the need to, but among the books you understand the bond between every Were and the Pack, and their need of physical contact.

Sophia, on the other side, is fighting for not throwing herself to the Imperator for reasons that only Sylvan, Elena and herself know, so you will be eager to know about what happens with her so she doesn’t want to mate with anyone. About this, I have to congratulate L.L. Raand because the plot of each book is so perfectly entwined and the story is so consistent.

Parallel to the Niki and Sophia, you’ll read about how Gray and Katya adjust to her new life with the Pack, the role of Francesca, an amazing character that, I hope, will have her own book where a mate will destabilize her power and certainty. Then there is Michel and her newly born desire for Katya; and Veronica, the bad one who have dismissed the power of Vampires. And of course, hot and fantastic scenes about Jody, Becca, Sylvan and Drake.

An important aspect to highlight about L.L. Raand’s work is that she’s capable of enthrall you with all her characters, achieving that you read avidly about a determined character and then about another without missing the fantastic rhythm of her unique style. You get caught for the different stories and you just want to know more and more about this fantastic world. Once again, a fantastic book which brings huge promises about the next one!