Natural Order by Moondancer Drake

Natural Order by Moondancer Drake brings a complex world of shapeshifters for you to discover all its secrets. This supernatural lesbian romance tell us the path a woman walks to discover her roots, her true family, and how she finds those who really love her and accept her in the process.

Beth’s life will be completely destroyed one night when she and her partner Dusty decide to go to the movies and are attacked by a group of men. Soon she’ll discover that it’s not a random assault on two defenseless women, their attackers are looking for something, for someone to be precise. Dusty will sacrifice herself so Beth and their unborn child have a chance and the only thing she asks from her is to go with Dusty’s family, her Clan, whom will take care of them they way she won’t be able anymore.
Full of pain and despair, Beth won’t think twice about her partner’s last words and the fact that her brother in law presents himself the day after the incident to help her and take her home doesn’t make Beth suspects there is anything more behind a horrendous situation. What Beth doesn’t know is that Dusty’s family is so much more than a bunch of happy and smiley people who produce everything they eat and are extremely respectful with nature and Mother Earth. You see, when Beth first accepted to date Dusty and then became her partner and the mother of their child, she got immersed – without knowing it – in a complex world of shapeshifters and the target of a very large organization – The Imperium – whose objective is to destroy the beastwomen, as they call them.
Dusty’s family knows quite well who is behind what happened to their beloved child and that know they have to protect Beth and the baby against that menace, but the fact that Dusty never mentioned a word about her true nature to Beth won’t make things any easier, less when the shattered librarian carries a child of the Clan and is determined to visit a human doctor to take care of her pregnancy, to Greer’s – Dusty’s mother and head of the Clan – horror.

This book came to me as a big surprise. I wanted to read some supernatural lesbian romance but sometimes you feel like you have read everything about these complex creatures. Moondancer Drake accomplished something very difficult, she surprised me. After Dusty’s death I thought the story would be about Beth discovering her new family’s true nature, the true about her past and what really happened to her parents, but while getting you inside this complex world where nothing is what it seems, the author pours a sweet love story between Beth and Isha. The former doesn’t want to love again, which means betraying Dusty’s memory, and the later has a duty as Beth guardian and, because of that, she should keep her distance with the vulnerable woman. Lucky them, what they feel is stronger than the walls they want to erect.

Full of twists and beautiful messages about love and acceptance, Natural Order by Moondancer Drake is a very welcome change of pace. And the good news keep coming when Moon Drake confirmed the sequel is on its way!