Long Snows Moon by Stacey Darlington

Long Snows Moon by Stacey Darlington is a lesbian romance about destiny, accepting our true nature and the guidance we need to do it. It’s a wonderful and deep story about fortress, courage and maturity, what anybody needs to face their future, to accept the consequences of their acts and be able to change.

In this beautiful journey of self discovering we will meet two women whose lives are intimately related. Jameson is the daughter of a man who loved and respected Indians and an Indian woman, so she’s got a path made for her, a path full of wisdom, learning and knowledge and a gift that will bring her moments of utterly happiness and deep sadness, something she accepts totally, knowing the importance of her mission, even though she keeps fighting against some of its implications.
On the other side, Devon has it all but there hasn’t been a human being more lonely or miserable. Her marriage is a disaster, her relationship with her mother as shallow as her life, and the only things that bring her some relief are Moon, an hybrid wolf and Devon’s only friend, and the liquor, which is destroying her life and numbing an essential part of her.

A trip made with her mother and Claire, a woman with whom Anelise has a special relationship that Devon, as an innocent teen, didn’t really understand, will change Devon’s life forever but she won’t accept the implications of Jameson’s presence in her past, present and future until she falls on the deepest of the holes, when she feels totally abandoned and her need of escape will bring her back to Elk’s Pass Sundries years after her first visit; where that weird girl she met when she was fifteen years old and made her feel so many things will be there, waiting for her, willing to help her to save herself only if she really wants it… and maybe finding love in the process.

There are moments in your life when you’re looking for something that you don’t even know what it is but you know there’s a hole inside you that needs to be filled to stop feeling empty; Long Snows Moon by Stacey Darlington is the story of someone who feels exactly this way because she denies herself the true, because she dulls her senses to stop feeling and, that way, stop hurting, and that’s why you can relate to Devon’s journey, her need of internal peace, her doubts, her pain. But Jameson is an approachable character too because she’s not who she’s because she was born that way, she’s the result of intelligence, love, suffering and painful experiences that molded her to a more perfect being able to help those who are lost.

Added to learning about animal totems and their significance, the detail I enjoyed most about this book is the importance that those who cross our path and their decisions have in our life, and how we’re not aware of this at the moment but if we take a look to the past we can recognize it. And the best part of it is that sometimes, those special ones, as on Devon and Jameson’s case, aren’t even humans but you can feel the bond and is as deep as any other in your life.
Real and human characters with weaknesses that you can relate on, a story full of mystery, surprises and magic and wonderful messages it’s what you’ll find in a book that, for me, has been an special and very welcome journey.