Little Dip by Gill McNight (Garoul Book 5)

How wonderful is to be back to that beautiful and enigmatic place called Little Dip? And how amazing to see the very beginning of this incredible series?
Little Dip by Gill McNight tells us the story of how everything started, how Connie Fortune became part of the Garouls, how she brought Amy to Leone and how from there we got to meet Jolie and Andre and the twins Ren and Luce, how was Emily as a little girl and how her father’s story developed. Add to that the special touch only Gill McNight has to bring this crazy bunch alive and you will fall in love again with these characters.

Connie Fortune is a woman who doesn’t need anyone to save her, who lives her life as she wants and has a job that she loves. This work and the need to find an evasive bird is what brings her to Lost Creek and Norm, Emily’s uncle, will direct her to where to find what she is looking for. But getting into Little Dip and get to take photographs of the beautiful animals that live there is not an easy task, not when the Garouls don’t welcome anyone into their territory. But Connie doesn’t care about what Sylvie Garoul thinks, how dry and distant her daughter, Marie, is or the rumors about monsters and witches. She wants a pic of that damned cuckoo and she will get it.
Marie, on her part, doesn’t need anyone in her life either. She has her mother, under whose scrutiny she acts like a cub, her own cubs, Leone and Jori, her valley and the rest of the Garoul. What she doesn’t need is an intruder that makes her act like a pup in love, that infuriates her every other minute and is a threat to everything she loves and cherish. The problem is she starting to love and cherish that lunatic woman too and can’t live without her any more than she can deny what she is. The question is, will Marie’s nature be a problem for the modern and feminist Connie Fortune?

A delightful adventure, beautiful characters that I have come to love more and more with each book that I have read to the point they feel like family, so very real and lovable. Their complexities, the humor of the situations they go through and that essence all the Garouls possess add to the magic that Little Dip is, that enthralls you and makes you want to stay forever; everything together make this series a must-read one, stories and characters that will always stay with you and about whom you will always want to read more and more.

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

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