L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan

L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan is one of the sweetest lesbian novels I’ve read in some time, my first from the author and not my last, I can assure you. If you enjoy reading about doctors and her hectic lives, don’t doubt about this one. Two great characters, a sweet love story and the frenetic rhythm of ER have made this book a more than enjoyable trip for me.

The main characters, Jess and Kim, have something in common, both of them have had difficult experiences loving in the past.
Kim, a psychiatrist, is new at L.A. Metro, having looked for a change after being deeply hurt by her lover, who denied her as her couple while working together after a false accusation against Kim. Hurt by her rejection, Kim is looking for a new life that won’t include a selfish and egomaniac ER director again.
Jess is not just ER’s director but a woman who hides behind a mask and her professional life, being her sentimental and personal ones almost inexistent. She doesn’t want her life and vulnerabilities exposed in front of her colleagues again, barely surviving when her ex shared their intimacies in the middle of the hospital, the perfect gossip for avid ears.

How two women that are running from each other, from the attraction they feel for one another and from any love story involving them could get together is the reason you’ve to read this book. RJ Nolan describes them so perfectly, their fears, what they want and can’t achieve because of their doubts, that you’ll feel completely tuned with the characters.

The more vulnerable of them for me is Jess, who has lived a traumatic experience that has fueled her insecurities. Her former girlfriend’s accusations didn’t help her and she hid more and more in her professional persona, not allowing anybody to get into the fortress around her heart. What she’s been through totally caught me and I wanted her to be happy so strongly that I fell in love with Kim completely because she is a sensitive woman who’s able to read between lines and see the real woman behind the hard façade.

A sweet story, as I said, and the perfect book if you’re looking for a lesbian novel where love wins the battle against fear, doubts and loneliness. RJ Nolan, I’m looking forward reading more of your work and, of course, a sequel of Jess, Kim and Sam’s stories.

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