Justice in the Shadows by Radclyffe

In the lesbian romance novel Justice in the Shadows by Radclyffe we keep trying to solve the mysteries left open in the previous books, adding some romance with the known couples and a new one, Dell and Sandy, something I was looking forward.

The big “but” with this book is that the author doesn’t let us know anything about the mysterious Sandy. We don’t know why she’s who she’s and why she has that job… a job you just have to discover if you haven’t read these fantastic books. But, of course, maybe Radclyffe’s going to do it in the next one so I’ll be patience.

In conclusion, it continues with the plot main, Rebecca trying to cope with her career and her relationship with Catherine, Sloan behind who acted against her and Dell with Sandy. I’m looking forward the next book and, of course, the new couples we’ll meet.