Just for Show by Jae

It’s Just for Show by Jae’s turn and be ready because when a book from this lady comes to you, you know for sure you are going to find something different and special, a story or characters that are not your typical “rich, beautiful and perfect”. Let’s dig in then!

What I enjoy the most in a romance is the characters and how deeply and meticulously are built and developed. Of course the plot helps and the secondary characters too, but it’s the main characters with whom I fall in love and determine if I enjoy the book or not. Jae barely disappoints and Just for Show is another example of her unique touch at writing.

Claire is a psychologist with OCD, three degrees in psychology and a lot of ambition who needs to have her book about the perfect relationship published. At first you think she’s your is typical Ice Queen but you soon discover how vulnerable she is and how driven for being the perfect daughter, the perfect woman, the perfect professional, always in control of everything and of herself.
On the other hand we have Lana, an actress who barely gets roles to play so she is a barista in her sister’s coffee shop until her big opportunity comes and changes her life. She is straightforward, natural and free. She wears her scars proudly the same way she shows who she is without fear and this is what crashes with Claire the most because the psychologist is anything but free, natural and relaxed.

I loved that the characters shared incredible communication. There are no secrets between them, not even after they slept together. How they face everything and try to sort it out before it becomes a problem is refreshing. I think is the most mature couple I have ever found in a book… and in real world if you ask me. No misunderstandings, just confusion about their feelings, which is only natural given how their story started and from where they come, how their past experiences have shaped them. The deep respect they have for each other is beautiful and moving.
Another thing I loved about their relationship is that everything is between them, they are a team since minute one and the book ends that exact way, the two of them together to face anyone or anything, even keeping their truth to themselves knowing that the important thing about their love is how strong it is and no that it started like pretense. I missed a little bit more conflict in the process of getting used to each other, more in the first days of living together and sharing the same space but how the embrace their differences and even learn from it is perfect.

Afterthought: I got completely intrigued by Jill and Crash’s relationship. I love characters that go through difficulties and the added drama it brings to a plot ‘Just Physical’ sounds just like that.