Journey to the Other Side by Lizbian

Journey to the Other Side by Lizbian is an historical lesbian romance where you’ll witness the long journey of an innocent girl who soon in her life has learned that the world isn’t a place for tender creatures.

Mary O’Connor has a problem, she has to help feeding her younger siblings after her dad has gone to England looking for a job and the O’Connor family is going to lose their farm if they don’t pay their debts soon enough. That brings Mary to the worst place in the worst moment and bad luck strikes the young woman who, with fifteen years, is responsible of her family’s welfare.

Extremely poor, hungry and almost death with cold, Mary is accused of larceny and her only defense is a corrupt constable who isn’t worried at least to find the real culprit. She’s taken to the bridewell and after a not so fair trial, where she’s barely heard, she’s found guilty and sentenced to seven years at New South Wales, where she’ll pay her debt to society.
But this is not the only problem young Mary is going to face. There’s a “lass” who hates her and wants to kill her because she looks like another girl back in Ireland. This and Mary’s extremely loneliness will push the naïve girl into Maggie’s arms, who offers her love to Mary with conditions.

In a world cruel and sometimes mortal with those vulnerable and helpless beings like Mary, who hasn’t anybody to rely on, she will be victim of those who want to get something from her, but she will know some candid persons too who will help her and love her, like Ann, Issy and Violet. People who will make her forget the distance between her and her family, the lack of love in her life and the iniquities that had condemned her.

After reading the description you may think Journey to the Other Side by Lizbian is a sad book but it’s not, it’s a promise because it doesn’t matter how deep in the mud you fall, there’s always hope and love waiting for you and bad situations can bring promising possibilities. Mary is vulnerable, she is alone and innocent, something everybody has known in a determined moment of his or her life, but she’s a fighter who stands up and keep going, no matter what she has to face.

I really enjoyed Lizbian’s writing style because reading the story through Mary’s point of view made me live it with her, feel her cold, her hungry and helplessness as she did, so I was as an outsider as her. The pace of the book is good too because is in constant movement, something I thanked when there’s a long journey ahead. I’m looking forward the second part of this series.