Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles by Vada Foster and BL Miller

If you love reading lesbian romance novels full of adventures in the old and wild West, you’ll enjoy Josie and Rebecca by Vada Foster and BL Miller. And if you’re a fan of Xena and Gabrielle’s story, this is your book without any doubt.

The problem for me was that sometimes I wasn’t able to imagine Josie’s and Rebecca’s characters without seeing the warrior and the bard, so I didn’t feel like reading a new book but a spin-off of them. Nevertheless I wasn’t able to put down the book until it finished and I really wanted to read about their adventures, although it didn’t make me beg for more as it happens to me when the book amazes me.

I can’t say that characters aren’t good or their story isn’t interesting because I’d be lying. I felt totally caught by Josie’s past and her life as a gunslinger. She is the bad girl and it’s a refreshing change from typical books where the main characters are fallen angels from heaven. And Rebecca’s part isn’t less interesting. She lives an impossible situation with her family and wants to run away, so much that joining to a outlaw seems better that what awaits for her at home.

You’ll find, as I said, adventures, typical characters of the west and a vast land full of dangers, love, humor and desire. Maybe the plot it’s not moving or deep but I’m sure that you’ll have a good moment reading this book.