Jacob’s War by C.P. Rowlands

In Jacob’s War by C.P. Rowlands you’ll find a thriller with a touch of romance, so it’s not the typical lesbian romance novel. Moreover, the plot is focused in the drugs world and its victims.
If there is a clear point in the book is that anybody can be affected by drugs and not only “bad people” or people with dysfunctional families, as everybody used to think . The policial plot is so entwined with the love story between AJ and Katie so there is a complete compenetration and a perfect feedback.

We have two main characters, Katie and AJ. The former is her own boss and isn’t looking for someone to love because of her last relationship with Lu, a woman with alcohol and drugs problems who destroyed herself and a part of Katie too.
On the other side, we have AJ, and ATF Special Agent who’s behind the path of important drug dealers and “cookers” of meth. Her life is her job, and a very bad experience with her lover and her best friend has let her without any desire of love or commitment.

Katie jumps from the arms of a drug addict to a justice agent, but AJ isn’t a simple cop or a detective, she used to be an undercover agent whose personal life is zero. And that’s exactly the reason why Katie’s doubts make sense. Lu, her former lover, has put her in an impossible situation where a dead woman is left in her car, someone is visiting her house at night and every person is related with the drug chain.

In every corner are dead people but AJ and her team are not near to found the responsible. Parallel at the policial story, we see how AJ and Katie feel more interested for each other but the fears from the past make them think twice about getting immersed in a relationship.

I’m not an avid reader of this genre so for me it wasn’t the perfect book but it will be if you’re looking for something else but romance and happily-ever-after endings. This is not that kind of book, or it is in some way, but isn’t focus in the romance, something you get at the first scene and a idea that is stronger in each page when you get a sight of the dangerous world of drugs and cold-blood assassins.