Instigations by Kiki Archer

In Instigations by Kiki Archer, a lesbian romance novel, you’ll find out how the relationship between Freya and Kat develops, the ups and downs, the doubts from Kat and a new addition from Freya, certain friend, that will make their bond tremble. Moreover, you’ll see how Ben and the hilarious Lucy cope with new situations too.

First of all, I want to highlight the great secondary characters that will put a smile on your lips with their crazy dialogues and good humour that is a constant during the whole book, just like in But she’s my student, the first part of this fantastic story that made think different about chic-lit genre.

It’s a good read, light and funny but with moments of real tension that make think what would you do if that occurred to you. About that, I’m not giving you any spoiler here but I’ve to say that in certain parts of the book I didn’t agree with Freya or her way by doing some things, maybe because I could see myself in Kat shoes about her doubts of what’s going on between the young friends.

In my opinion, if I have to mention something that I didn’t like about the book, is that Renee’s presence could have bring more drama, something that I certainly love, but Freya and Kat went over it quickly and easy. Of course it’s my opinion so don’t hesitate and share yours with me about this fantastic book.

Kiki Archer, I’m looking forward your next book!