Hot Line by Alison Grey

Hot Line by Alison Grey is a short lesbian novel where deep feelings and hot scenes are perfectly intertwined, making the story interesting not only because of the promise of an erotic book but because anybody can sees themselves in these characters.
Well, maybe not in the part that Christina works on a hot line but she’s is a woman on her thirties that is trying to make a living with a job that allows her to continue with her studies so she does what she has to do, fighting for a better life. She’s extrovert, independent and open-minded but that doesn’t prevent her to be surprised when a woman calls her asking just for a chat, nothing about sex or any other activity that implies Christina’s usual line of work.
Linda, Christina’s customer, is a psychologist that feels horribly lonely and sees herself incapable of having a normal relationship with people. As she says to Christina, people scare her and, on a level over professional relationships, she’s totally lost. That’s why she pay for talking with someone, because she controls what happen in the conversation, but that doesn’t mean she wants a light chat, it’s obvious that she wants to have a real conversation with Christina, who isn’t comfortable with talking that way with a customer.

Is interesting to see how they act around each other and interact because, at first sight, you’d think Christina is bolder and has more experience about relationships and how to relate with people but when she’s in front of Linda she’s just incapable of talking like a woman on her thirties. Curiously, is Linda, the shy library mouse, who makes the important decisions, not only when she call “Chantal” the first time, but making such a proposal to a total stranger and then when she talks about her feelings for Christina knowing, as everybody know, that showing and saying what you feel about someone makes you vulnerable.
Another fantastic detail about this story is the message itself. A lonely woman who has no one to rely on and to share her life take a step, a life changing step, and no once but twice. She throws herself to the unknown because she doesn’t want to live that way anymore, because she doesn’t want to lose the opportunity Christina represents. Thumbs up when Linda says, and I quote, “I don’t care where we came from or how we got here. We’re here now. That’s the only thing that matters” and, isn’t it a huge true that we can apply on almost every moment of life?

How an author achieve to caught your attention with a good plot, interesting and approachable characters, everything perfectly mixed with a sensual touch is a mystery for me but Alison Grey did it and that’s why not only I recommend this short story but I’d love to read more about her characters.