High Rise Series by Harper Bliss

High Rise Series by Harper Bliss was a wonderful surprise because you no often find an erotic lesbian story with a good plot so sex is a complement but not the focus of the story. The series consists in four books, Fool for Love, Undisclosed Desires, No Ordinary Love and Close Enough.

In four books, too short for me because the plot caught me and I wanted more, Harper Bliss tells us the story of four mature women who are looking for love or trying to cure themselves after a disastrous love story that ended really bad.

Maddie is a banker who is having an affair with a married co-worker, Isabella is a psychologist near her fifty birthday who met, thanks to her best friend, Maddie, a successful writer, Nat, who focuses only in twenty-something-years-old girls who are harmless and brainless. And finally there is Alex, a fitness professional who has been recently dumped by her partner of six years because of a mandarin teacher and run from blond bankers with light eyes.

They live in The Ivy, one of the most expensive and exclusive buildings in Hong Kong and that’s why their paths cross. Maddie will have to fight to get Alex’s attention although she’s like a copy of the woman who broke her heart, whose will show again to destroy the fitness instructor’s certainty about her feelings. Isabella will have to accept Nat’s tendencies with groupies if she wants to share her life with the elusive writer meanwhile Nat has to face her fears about being hurt again and surrender to love.

As I said, excellent books where the relationship between this four women, friendly or romantic, is developed with great touches of humor and drama, the perfect combination to have you reading avidly until the end. And don’t forget about the hot scenes which, as I said, don’t monopolize the story but add a fantastic spark, something difficult to achieve in a erotic novel.