Hidden Hearts by Ann Roberts

Have you ever travelled in time? Nop, me neither, but Ann Robert’s Hidden Hearts offers that and so much more, and that’s why I fell in love with the story and the characters, and I felt so identified with CC and her need to know where she’s going in life or what she’s doing with it.

But the book is so much more than a lesbian romance novel where the main character finds the love of her life. It’s about the past and the present, the consequences of hate and prejudices. Ann Roberts lets us take a look at a moment in history where it was more than difficult to be different, where people with other religion or skin color were guilty and despicable without a reason, although the “good” people were who commit the worst crimes, mostly against them.

The plot caught me after a few pages and I wasn’t able to let the book until I read the last word, smiling and crying in the last scene, by the way.
Everything is interesting, from CC story, her doubts and mistakes, her inability to stop people run over her and the spark between Penn and her… And then we have Vivian, a lovely child who doesn’t know what’s going on around her but gives us important glimpses about the past and its consequences in the future.

The book is full of memorable characters, as Mac, Kiah and Lois, Vivian’s mother. It has everything you want in a good story, moving scenes, love, humor and drama, and most of all, shows the true nature of human being, because people aren’t just bad or good, don’t you think?.