Heart’s Surrender by Emma Weimann

Heart’s Surrender by Emma Weimann presents us the story of a brave woman who won’t stop until she changes her life, leaving behind a marriage without love, a man she grew to despise and a world full of prejudices that only brings her unhappiness because the only way to fit in it is denying who she is.
That’s why, after finding out her dead husband has been cheating on her for years and even had a “special place” in the city to do so, she will do the last thing expected from a rich widow, immerse herself in multiple affairs looking for the pleasure and adventure she has been missing for so long.

In her journey to have some revenge against a cheater husband and a life that felt more like a jail, Gillian is decided to let loose and enjoy a part of herself that has been hidden so many years. Tired of being the perfect wife, whose only purpose is to look good and shut up when discovering his husband Derrick lied to her for years, Gillian is willing to do what it takes to get back some of the lost time pretending to be happy with a man she didn’t love anymore. Angry with Derrick and with life itself, Gillian is eager to savor that forbidden fruit using the apartment her husband had as a love nest, dedicating her nights to one-night lovers.
Of course, life has its tricks and the last thing she thought would happen was that she would meet a woman who would change her entire world, forcing her to make a huge decision: to accept her feelings towards her and, this way, telling her children, in-laws and friends she is in love with a woman; or keep pretending she is happy with her dull life full of lies and deceive.

On the other side, we have Sam, a woman who has been rejected by most of her family for accepting who she is and who she loves. Coming from a wealthy family where you are worth as much money as you have and how well you fit in the “perfection” standard, she is adamant about leaving that world behind and keeping herself as far as she can from people whose only purpose is pretending and their only asset, in addition to money, is hypocrisy.
When Gillan comes into her life as a fantastic one-night stand, she doesn’t think too much into it, but when their relationship evolves to a more intimate one, the fact that Gillian represents exactly what Sam has grown to despise the most will put her in a impossible situation: accept that she is doing what her family did to her, judging Gillian based on prejudices, or run as far as she can from that green-eyed woman that drives her crazy.

I’d have liked to read some scenes, as when Gillian tells her children about her relationship with Sam, the moment she confronts Magret or even their relationship’s development, the author uses a very fluent rhythm that keeps you turning pages until you reach the end of the story. And even though we don’t get to know a lot about Sam or how Victoria and Gillian get along, being the story almost completely focused on Gillian and her path, it was an enjoyable read!