Hearts and Flowers Border by L.T. Smith

Hearts and Flowers Border by L.T. Smith is a love story about second chances and how, if someone is meant to be your other half, she will find a way to be together, not matter what it takes. It’s about how a girl who hasn’t felt neither loved nor wanted during an important part of her life can accept that someone who is, in appearance, perfect in all senses, will want her for what she is.

Besides being a wonderful and sweet story, what makes this book special is that we get to know Laura since she was a teenager, so we know perfectly from where she comes and what entails the path that she’s covered among the years. Her past is a fundamental part of her, not only because her relationship with Emma begins there, but because those difficult moments lived – unthinkable violence and abuse – will determine her decisions, her reactions and what she does when she feels betrayed and hurt.
Furthermore, knowing her from her earlier years, you feel close to her, what makes you impatient to know more about her future, her growth from a teen to an adult woman.

The key in the story is to understand that not having felt love for all her life, feeling abandoned for those who should have loved her and stayed by her side, has convinced Laura that nobody is going to stay because she doesn’t worth it, something that will trigger much of the incidents we found in the story.
Feeling like she doesn’t deserve to be loved is what motivates her to stay put while she feels she’s losing what she loves the most, Emma. And she not only does this when she’s a young and inexperienced woman but after ten years of longing for something she thought was lost forever. You see, the ghosts that torture her are there even if she doesn’t acknowledge them and will show their ugly faces when she less expects them.

As always, L.T. Smith gives us a beautiful present through their characters and some tips that, sooner or later, you will find more than useful. By her characters, people you get to know and love, the author tells a story full of messages and so real that you can see yourself in them; and maybe that’s why I always have a great time with her books, not forgetting her fantastic sense of humor even though it’s not as present in this story as in her other books.
Thank you for a great time, book after book you are becoming one of my favorite authors!