Heart Block by Melissa Brayden

The first thing I’ve to say about Heart Block by Melissa Brayden, a fantastic lesbian romance novel, is that the book is a jewel.
You won’t find FBI agents, heroes, mobsters or vampires but normal people with normal issues and demons to fight against so I recommend you to sit and enjoy the trip.

The main characters are Emory and Sarah, who live on the opposite place of the world (not physically but socially), and that’s what first took my attention because I love to read about complicated situations and real life. Emory has everything she wants but love and Sarah has love, from her family at least, but no money so, who do you think is happier? A tricky question, I know. Add snobs, a emigrant family and prejudices and you’ll get an interesting and moving book that I read in two days and a half.

The reason I really enjoyed this book is because is simple but deep, with good dialogues, sweet scenes (as the dinner in the laundry), a lot of humor and characters that you’ll like at the right moment you know them, as Grace. Moreover, I feel totally identified by Sarah because I’m an emigrant too who lived the same situations, with the difference that I didn’t act like her but I totally understand her.

Of course, the fact that they mention Gone with the Wind as one of the best movies on history is a plus. Melissa Brayden, if you read this review, I totally agree with Sarah about the scene when Scarlett has to face everyone at the birthday party (wink).