Get custody of the Cat: a lesbian´s guide to surviving break-ups! By Becky Rhush

Get custody of the Cat: a lesbian´s guide to surviving break-ups! By Becky Rhush is more than a mere guide to survive  that difficult moment when your hopes are crashed and destroyed, when you feel nobody will love you again because she was ¡oh so perfect! and suddenly became a witch… Is the dose of humor and irony you need when your other half suddenly forgets she was supposed to be faithful and love you forever…or when your heart is crushed anyway even though you can’t blame the other person….or whenever you feel like having some laughs given that Becky Rhush becomes that best friend that completely understands you and even gives you crazy insight and advice for you to get over that woman you’d love to hate…and forget.

From burning everything she left at your home – love cards, clothes and personal belongings – to those films and songs that will get you through this horrible moment when you are not yourself but a ball of rage and hate – and an ice cream eater -, Becky takes everything into account to make you feel a human being again (never encouraging violence, of course :] ).

Call me crazy but I believe some books come to your life for some reason, right in the exact moment when you need them the most. It happened to my with Long Snows Moon by Stacey Darlington and it has happened again with Get custody of the Cat (in a very different way because if you read both, which I recommend, you’d discover that they couldn’t be more different). With a fantastic dose of irony mixed with humor, this guide has drawn an enormous smile on my face even if love is not on my side right now.