Frostbitten (The Ice Rose Series) by Destiny Hawkins

If you are looking for a vampires story with a crazy twist, Frostbitten (The Ice Rose Series) by Destiny Hawkins is definitely for you because, having read so many books about these incredibly alluring creatures, this series really surprised me and kept me reading like a maniac.
What is so different about the story? Its darkness and how the main characters are so different from what you are used to reading and how the author keeps you wondering about what the heck is happening and how the story surprises you with its turns and twists.
When I started Frostbitten by Destiny Hawkins I knew absolutely nothing about the story but it was a supernatural lesbian romance and it worked for me at the moment so of course I was interested, but what I found after reading the first part is an incredibly engaging story about vampires with a surprising bonus that makes it completely different and enthralling. I have never crossed paths with a vampire who has suffered through unbelievable suffering at hands of people who were looking for a new kind of creature. Vampires? Yes. Romance? Of course. Vampires being hunted as animals so someone can experiment with them? Never. Add to that werewolves, witches – I want to see more of them- and a villain you want to kill with your bare hands and you have the perfect recipe to have a great time.

The story is told by Faith and let me tell you she is not your typical main character either. The first glimpse we have of our heroine is she trying to kill herself because her lover died and heroin keeps her captive and already took her mother’s life so she feels there is nothing else for her in this world until she meets a woman who, by taking her life, gives her a new beginning. A woman for whom she feels a lot of things she first labels as gratitude and a special bond between a vampire and who sired her and soon develops into something deeper and more special. And exactly there is where book one begins, Alexa’s story which is full of mystery and Faith’s path to becoming a new being.
I loved Alexa as a multi-layered character that can be shy, bold, sexy, innocent, haunted, vulnerable, savage and loving, qualities that add to her realism and how Faith feels so compelled by her first because she sees her as a savior and later because she sees through Alexa’s walls. How we get to discover the vampire’s story is heartbreaking because we literally live it thanks to Faith and you can’t stop feeling sorry for Alexa because she re-lives every moment through her nightmares.
My ‘but’ is that we have to wait for more books … so keep them coming Destiny Hawkins!

*Received an ARC edition in exchange for an honest review*

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