Fragmentary Blue by Erica Abbott

One of the main reasons I chose Fragmentary Blue by Erica Abbott was that there were two books about the characters and I’m always willing to read stories which development takes more than a book. Great for me, it’s a fantastic lesbian novel in which love and action mix perfectly.

The perfect ingredient of this fantastic book is the characters, where Erica Abbott shows us two different but such alike women. While the two of them work for justice, Alex as captain of detectives and CJ at Internal Affairs, the former is married with her job and totally serious about it and her life.
CJ, on the other side, has a fantastic sense of humor that adds a spark to the book, balancing Alex’s stoicism. Moreover, CJ is a believer in love and happy endings, something that doesn’t fit with the always rational captain.

Both of them have had difficult pasts; CJ’s family not accepting her lesbianism, which made her made a changing-life decision and the fact that Alex doesn’t see herself as a lesbian, taking a path that would be what her family expected from her but not what could make her happy. Furthermore, Alex had to face the loss of her mother when she was a child and then her father’s death on service, what made her the practical woman who is, someone more than frightened of accepting what CJ has to give. Lucky for us, CJ isn’t a woman driven by fears and she fights for what she wants.

But not all is happiness and love in this story. Alex, as a captain in charge of the Detective Bureau, will have to face a situation where all the proves and witnesses point her as guilty, and CJ, as Internal Affairs officer, will have to separate her feelings of her duty to save the woman she’s beginning to love.

With believable characters, deep emotions, sweet scenes and dialogues, and the always present action and tension, Erica Abbott tells us the story of two women who will have to fight against social prejudices and an explosive situation to get what they want, their happily-ever-after ending in which CJ believes so deeply and Alex is beginning to consider after meeting this special woman who brings with her the promise of something beautiful.