Fox Run by Robin Roseau

Fox Run by Robin Roseau is not the typical supernatural lesbian novel where there are powerful creatures that don’t fear of anything, and that’s exactly what brought this fantastic book to my hands.

There are a lot of characters and, of course, the main couple, but the book is written in Michaela’s POV and she is the main characters in the story, there’s no doubt about it.

She’s a great character and nothing that I have found in a supernatural lesbian novel. First of all, she’s a fox, and being that implies that she’s one of the most delicate and weak among the were that surround her so she has to be extra careful about where she is and whose path she crosses because she can be in real danger. But Michaela doesn’t lack of pride, intelligence and courage, and all that make her a fantastic character who can lash with her tongue and face the bravest and ugliest wolves without stepping back although she’s scary to dead.

Being alone almost all her life, she has learnt how to take care of herself and won’t surrender without a fight, something that makes Lara, the wolves’ alpha, goes crazy and struggles with the little fox during the whole book, creating fantastic scenes full of humor and thrilling dialogues.

I was looking for a book where I could find adventure, supernatural characters and a good story, something easy to read but entertaining and that’s what I found in Fox Run by Robin Roseau. I’m looking forward reading the next book of this refreshing series.