Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins

Ready for an amazing lesbian romance where music has a stellar place becoming a third character? Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins was such a surprise for me it has become one of my favorite books! I don’t usually like impossible relationships because all the drama revolves around it to the point of boredom- at least for me- but that didn’t happen here because of the author’s incredible ability to share the story of these beautiful characters.

Juliet Hamilton doesn’t need a lot of things to be happy, just her violin, a gift from her beloved grandmother, and being part of the New York Philharmonic in order to fully enjoy what she loves most, music. She barely has friends and her life is completely focused on her music so when she finds a kindred spirit, a woman with such potential to create and live music, she intervenes for the young woman to have the best education she can have. Emma Harvey is brilliant and Juliet is determined to make her the best.
Emma knows what she wants to do since she was a small girl. Sharing her love for music with her father and being a brilliant pianist’s protégée, her dream is to become part of the New York Philharmonic and nothing will stop her. That doesn’t change after meeting Juliet Hamilton but when she sees through the distant and reclusive woman her dreams are about to change and her priorities will morph to accommodate the prodigy violinist in her life.

But what happens when their shared passion for music becomes an intense attraction neither of them can stop? Their relationship goes against the rules given that Juliet is Emma’s professor but not giving up to what they feel for each other can destroy Juliet’s present career and Emma’s future.

They are as sensual together as the music they create and describing it is where author excels, because you feel their connection as accurately as you feel the music they make together. Proof that Magnolia Robbins does a superb job making you feel is that when I knew what was coming it literally hurt to keep reading knowing where the story was leaded, but the desire to see these superb characters find their happy ending kept me reading and enjoying every word.

The author achieves something not easy, to make you ache and care for them to finally be together. You feel their yearning, how Juliet walls start to disappear and Emma starts opening herself to her.
It’s magnificent to witness Juliet’s evolution from a woman who doesn’t have time nor energy for anything more than her music to a vulnerable being who is willing to give up her most beloved possession to keep a person by her side and the author’s ability to explain Juliet and her priorities make her so much more than an ice queen but a woman whose focus changes little by little when Emma Harvey enters her life.

Heartbreaking and so beautifully written, books like this make me love what I do so keep them coming!

*Received an ARC edition in exchange for an honest review*