Echo’s Revenge by Linda Kay Silva

Echo’s Revenge by Linda Kay Silva is the perfect book for those who are ready to have an amazing adventure with a spectacular woman, Echo Branson, and her atypical family where naturals and supers fight together to destroy Genesys.

Echo Branson, also known as Charlie o Jane Doe, hasn’t had an easy life. Being an orphan and discovering she has supernatural powers aren’t her main problems when she finds out that her real father abandoned her after erasing her memories, condemning her mother to give up her daughters and her life, and has given her sister Kristy to a group of heartless scientists that will do whatever it takes to achieve their mission, develop the perfect soldier, even if that implies destroying the innocent girl.
This is, more or less, what you’ll discover reading this fantastic book, but for those who know more about Echo and have accompanied her during her adventures, you will find out if Echo, her sister and the whole group of supers and naturals will get their revenge against Genesys and, more important, if Harmon Hayward and Kip Reynolds will pay after everything they’ve done not only to them but to those that have suffered similar destinies.
What begins as a mission to save one of her protégées ends with Echo discovering that her family is bigger than she thought and this will be essential to save the distance between her and her sister, as well as strengthen their relationship with their mother. Furthermore, Echo will learn that she’s capable of being the mentor Melika was for her for those who need her, even if it’s at the price of losing those important persons in her life that were always there for her, guiding her path; and if all this isn’t enough, her love life, if difficult or non-existent, will be shaken too.

There are two types of readers, some of you have read the whole Echo series and are excited because you get to meet with your favorite characters again – Echo, Tip, Danica, Kristy – ; or you’re like me, reading about this amazing character for the first time.
No matter what kind of reader you’re, I think the result for all of us is the same because it doesn’t matter if this is your first approach or you know them as family, you’ll enjoy the story from beginning to end. It’s not only full of action and fantasy, Linda Kay Silva has the ability of telling the story that will catch you immediately; you will hate the bad guys and love the good ones instantly because the author doesn’t waste time – or pages – and it’ll take you a sec to feel immerse in the dynamic of the series, making you want to read the previous books and those which are to come.