Dirty Little Lies by Eva Lefoy

Dirty Little Lies by Eva Lefoy is the sequel of No Glass Between Them and the second part of Sturdy Accountant series, where you’ll find a erotic story with all the ingredients to have a great time.

In this second story Eva Lefoy gives us the opportunity to get a deeper glimpse of Contessa’s mysterious past, a woman who suddenly appears in Alyce’s monotonous and corseted life to turn it upside down, a gift for the accountant fallen from the sky and served in a silver platter.

If the first book was about how Contessa becomes part of Alyce’s life changing it dramatically and revolutionizing her quiet existence, in this one we’ll discover that the stripper has a dark past where she had to pay a high price because her mistakes and that some demons from this past are willing to chase her again.

As Contessa’s secrets are revealed she isn’t only scared about the consequences of them in her life but how Alyce is going to react after knowing the whole truth about her, a truth that she’s not proud of and that can make her lose everything she loves. But Contessa’s a lucky woman because Alyce is a lady in shining armor willing to help her and support her, whatever it takes to not to lose her.

If I had to compare Dirty Little Lies and No Glass Between Them I should say that the second counts with a frenetic rhythm because it immerses us fully in Contessa’s secrets and this, along the promise of fantastic hot scenes and the development of a very interesting plot, makes this a read highly enjoyable.

A little bird told me that the next book in the series Sturdy Accountant will be focused on both characters and I looking forward to read it because, as I said in the first book’s review, Eva Lefoy has managed to caught me with an intriguing story that, even if short, has got my attention and makes me want for more of Alyce and Contessa.

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