Defying Gravity by Barrett

If you’ve read the review about The Damaged Series 01 , Damaged in Service, you are wondering why I kept reading. Well, I decided to give it a try and finish the story (I don’t want to think that I lose a good book for a bad first impression). Lucky me, I’m a obsessive woman and kept with Barrett’s book, and it was like two different books in the same series. Where Damaged in Service lacked of deep plot and a relationship development, Defying Gravity doesn’t. Almost every problem I found with the first book are developed and solved. Now I can understand Zeke and Anne, and her relationship is more natural for me. Maybe it has sense but I’ve never understood the kind of spark that become two unknown in lovers and then they’re moving together. Not for me. Then there is the PSTD and how I finally understood a little more about what was Zeke suffering, It’s not a shadow lightly explained as in the first book.

Nevertheless there’s something missing and I am not able to pinpoint what it is, maybe just the way Barrett wrote these books, the high speed romance between them or the fact that they really don’t know each other but move in together. Then there’s Anne’s mother and her death. I can see that it was maybe necessary to show another side of their relationship, secrets they kept to each other, but for me it only was more pages without sense, mostly because I thought what happened with Anne’s mother was related to the people behind Zeke and it was not. I’d talk about Zeke’s family too because if what happened with Anne was senseless for me, what didn’t happen with Zeke’s mother or the lack of development about her problems with her father were worst.
An suddenly, after a lot of pages and two books I wanted to stop reading, the finale comes and everything hung in the air. A little bit disappointing.